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The Contour Elite Dakotas/Nebraska Edition, Version 4 fishing computer software is designed to put you on fish. With state-of-the-art mapping technology paired with the most accurate lake data available means you can stop wandering around the lake.

Imagine finding a hot spot and in seconds your computer identifies all other areas of the lake with similar characteristics. Just enter a species, time of year, and time of day and your computer searches the entire lake and gives you exact fishing coordinates. Navigate to these areas using your GPS or even a laptop computer right on the water.

Three key enhancements have been added to the new version.

-Lake level adjustment: Contour depths and search results are adjusted based on water level.
-Add waypoints in 3D view: Now you can add waypoints while viewing the lake in the 3D viewer.
-Improvements in the find similar areas feature to provide more precise results.

Download a free sample trial here.
Download the product lake list.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
*You can run the software on a Mac but you must have a Windows emulator.

Minimum PC Requirements:
1 Ghz Pentium 4 or Athlon CPU (2 Ghz recommended)
512 MB Ram (1024 MB Ram recommended)
10 GB Free hard drive
Windows XP or greater

Contour Elite is a COMPUTER PRODUCT only, CD's are not compatible with GPS units.
Owners will only be able to view the maps using a compatible computer. 
Only our DIGITAL SD MAP CARDS are compatible with Humminbird® fish finders.


Previous LakeMaster Contour Elite software and Contour Pro software customers can upgrade to new Contour Elite software editions and versions at special reduced prices.
Call Customer Service at (320) 632-6300 to place your order.